X-TEND architecture allows considerable creative freedom when it comes to animal enclosures. Many contrasting demands come together here – from safety and beauty to stability and openness. Large expanses of net are now calculable and fantastic, highly imaginative cable and steel support geometries are no longer a mere vision.

Free flight aviaries in every shape and size

CARL STAHL ARCHITECTURE’s walk-in, free-flight aviaries let visitors to zoological gardens get amazingly close to what are often very exotic inhabitants. The aviaries are freely accessible through double gated entries, so that the animals can be observed in the middle of their habitat.

Versatile enclosures for monkeys and lemurs

The majority of apes and monkeys are tree dwellers. A variety of climbing facilities – both horizontal and vertical – is essential if they are to be kept in zoos under appropriate conditions. Sufficient room to exercise is a top priority no matter whether their enclosures are indoors or outdoors.

Close-up and intense – enclosures for predators

They are sleek, elegant hunters and burst with power. Which is what their enclosures should measure up to. The housings for predators must meet the highest safety criteria and should yet blend in harmoniously with the environment.

Versatile options

Railing infills, fall protection, separations and two- or three-dimensional greenery applications are just a part of the many options – indoors and outdoors. X-TEND stainless steel cable mesh is suitable to implement design concepts consistently.

X-TEND Zoolution

Bridging the gap between aesthetic design and animal welfare




We advise planners and architects on implementation from the very first idea – with sketches, drawings or first plans. We would be glad to advise you – either by either by phone, e-mail and / or in person on your premises.


Our technical office undertakes the planning of mesh, cables and steelworks. The wishes and requirements of each client and planner are taken into account in the planning process. Our services are individually tailored to each project.


If necessary, we also supply the structural calculations for the pretensioned systems – taking all load cases into account. The dimensioning of our stainless steel cables and mesh – as well as the adjacent steelwork components – are determined by means of computer-aided design.


The finished drawings of the stainless steel mesh are then taken to our production department, where they are implemented promptly and precisely. The individual mesh areas are preconfectioned precisely according to the installation concept. Stainless steel cable assemblies from 1 to 26mm in diameter are confectioned to custom-specific lenghts in our works. Our production facilities in Europe and USA compy with the highest quality standards.


The stainless steel cable and X-TEND stainless steel mesh systems are installed on site by our experienced assembly team. In addition to complete assembly, there is also the option of assembly supervision, in which technically versed fitters from the customer are instructed and accompanied. Our project managers plan, supervise and coordinate all the installation steps and make sure they are completed on time.


With a wide range of maintenance options, we remain your reliable partner during the entire service life and thus ensure a permanent trouble-free operation.

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